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How To Achieve Unification With Eyes For Better Vision

How to achieve unification with your eyes

Modern humans should develop a desire for unification with experience, rather than trying to get away from it.

The essence in evolution of organisms is to adjust to changes in order to survive.

Oftentimes we are trying to get away from the reality, becoming insensitive, suppressing our feelings, or wishing to stop time so we do not have to face the potential uncomfortable changes.

Unity with our eyes” means to be one with our eyes: where they are looking, there we are.

When we become one with our own eyes, we reject our prejudices and we want to know what our eyes are actually experiencing.

We start to pay attention to them; we could notice when they are tired or irritable.

As we treat any good friend, we should do with our eyes: resting them when they worked hard and lightly train them when they become weak or damaged.

How to achieve unification with your eyes
All the exercises in Vision Without Glasses Program are based on these principles, together with the instructions to be read during the day or whenever you practice. Apply the following suggestions and you will see how your eyes incredibly react to the attention you pay to them. Never and under no circumstances, do not strain yourself to see something. It is impossible to urge your eyes to see better. On the contrary, if you do, will destroy all the progress that can be achieved with the exercises. Instead, pay attention to what you can see and use it in order to better execute the exercises:

– Let your eyes see on the way they do. If your eyesight is blurred, do not try to make it any clearer. Simply, work with what is available, and find which mental, physical, and emotional factors affect changes in your vision. (By the way, you do not need to modify these factors, it is enough to become aware which the crucial factors in the question are, and the natural process of change will begin itself.)

– Do not force yourself to do exercises, which are not pleasant for you. If you have any doubts, talk to your ophthalmologist and with your own judgment and intuition customize an exercise program with personal preferences.

– Setting targets in advance can lead to disappointment and frustration. Making a plan for the time when you need to get vision improvement is counterproductive. Find your own working pace and stick to it. This is certainly the fastest way to improve vision.

– Remember that the eyes interact with your body. If you have back pain, neck strain or you do not eat well, your eye will react to it with loss of its functions.

This is certainly the fastest way to improve vision. Unification with your eyes is crucial, and not so easy to achieve but don’t worry as someone else carefully explained the therapy and make it accessible to other people.¬†Take advantage of Vision Without Glasses therapy for the general renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.

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