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If You Don’t Follow These Rules, Avoid Eye Exercises

Rules for eye exercises

If you follow the instructions in Vision Without Glasses program, everything will get better. Methods described in the guide have no side effects, nor cause damage to other parts of the body and mind.

However, you should be a little cautious with the exercises to protect your eyes. If you do not follow the course and make your own rules with the exercises, you will not be able to take full advantage of this program.

Please, always before you start exercising, spend a little time to read the pdf guide, at least during the first few days.
Then when your eye is accustomed to this new activity, you will steer clear of counterproductive and risky actions, alone and automatically.

Rules for eye exercises

General rules for eye exercises

– Please, take off your glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses while you’re doing any of the exercises.

– If you wear glasses or contact lenses, do not expect to get rid of them in the next few days. As time goes by, you will feel that you need a lower diopter, and eventually you won’t need it at all; However you should use eye glasses or lenses when working with PC or laptop or reading something. If your driver’s license says you must wear glasses, wear them until you pass the test for vision. In other cases, you should try a little bit to watch without glasses or contact lenses, as you continue with the program.

– In “Sunning” exercise you should point your face to the sun. While doing this exercise, your eyes should be closed or semi-open, because even the healthiest eyes cannot handle so much brightness. The purpose of this exercise is to easily adapt the pupil to bright light and complete darkness. During that time, constantly turn your head or upper body by as much as 180 degrees, to prevent damage to the retina.

Never expose your eyes to sunlight through glass – whether it is window or lens. All kinds of glass increase the intensity of the sun’s rays, which can damage your eyes.

– If during the exercise “Sunning” you begin to feel a headache or dizziness, stop the exercise and move away from the Sun – perhaps the light is too strong for you, or maybe your body is dehydrated.

– If you have glaucoma, limit the exercise “Palming” to 4-5 minutes. Otherwise, you may see an increase in intraocular pressure. You can, however, do this exercise in short intervals more times a day.

Please understand that the exercises you will learn are not only of mechanical character and during practicing you can think about anything. This is work that involves the mind and body, which will contribute to the profound changes in your visual habits – in your overall way of looking at the world around you.

Pay attention to how your eyes feel during exercise. It is important to exercise with caution when you are doing it, in order to gradually develop the feeling that you know what your eyes need in exact moment of time.

Now that you know all of this, let’s get to work!

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