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The Basics Of Soft Vision And Vision Improvement

Eyestrain cause bad eyesight

Our ancestors were well used all their senses, along with the sense of vision. They looked into the distance, and could notice even the slightest movement with their peripheral vision.

Their eyes were constantly shifted the details from one to the other, from near to far objects. Unfortunately, our present reality is not even close to such a situation.

Life hardens us, and we changed a lot through the years.

When we work diligently, we strain our body.

When reading or working on the computer all day long, we do not care about the other parts and objects in the room.

For days, we spend staring at things a few inches in front of our nose. Daylight blinds us when we go out after we worked all day in the office; strain to see in the dark…

soft vision basics
Listed poor visual habits may lead to a “frozen” look, which essentially disrupts a sizable part of the visual field. Thus, we do not use the full capacity and the sharpness of the “full” vision we have, so over time the brain gets used to such behavior and fixes around just for that space. Then occurs the so-called anticipated reality, when we expect to see only certain things, on exactly certain ways. On this way, the anticipated reality imposes to us a visual memory, which transforms the previous visual experiences.

At Eyesight Corner blog, you will learn how to develop the so-called soft or “light eyes”: the eyes, which can see everything. People who practiced martial arts developed this concept of “soft eyes.” By this term, they imply kind of vision they need to see three of their opponents coming from different directions. With above described frozen view they could only see one at a time, which would very quickly lead to defeat.

Soft eyes are completely different from that. With them can be covered an entire room, an entire area without eyestrain. Seeing with soft eyes is similar to when you go to a walk out of sheer pleasure, and moves your body, while unconscious melt calories, and strengthen your muscles.

Soft eyes absorb all the things around you, and not trying to “catch” them; they are resting, and not tense up. At soft eyes, the viewing process is as important as what is watching. Obviously, this approach in life is much, much better than the one on which most of us are used to.

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