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The Mind/Body Connection And How It Affects Your Eyesight

The Mind Body Connection

British writer Aldous Huxley was a successful student and a great admirer of Dr. Bates method. Having exercised Bates exercises to cure his partial blindness, Huxley wrote the book The Art of Seeing. In this book, he writes that viewing process consists of three elements, which include eyes, brain, and mind, i.e. there is strong […]

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About William Bates And The Basics Of Bates Method

William H. Bates Treating a Patient

Perhaps you have heard or read somewhere about the Bates method: A series of relaxation exercise or better said vision therapy program that trains the eye and mind to see better. Well, its creator was Dr. William H. Bates. He was born in 1860, and graduated at the College of physicians and surgeons at Cornell […]

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Learn About Your Eye On The Road To Better Vision

Eyesight is complex interactions between eyes and brain

Most of us know that we can improve our health, and live longer if we have a healthy diet, regular exercise, stay away from stress, and rest properly. However, when it comes to our eyes, as we have learned, there is no help. A few people believe there is something that can improve their vision […]