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3 Main Techniques To Improve Eyesight Naturally

ways to improve eyesight naturally

There are many ways that you can help your eyes. Some of the techniques are used only for specific part of the visual function, other are used for eye health, while third for your entire health. It would be ideal if your daily exercises encompass all these three elements. For much better understanding, I will […]

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How To Achieve Unification With Eyes For Better Vision

How to achieve unification with your eyes

Modern humans should develop a desire for unification with experience, rather than trying to get away from it. The essence in evolution of organisms is to adjust to changes in order to survive. Oftentimes we are trying to get away from the reality, becoming insensitive, suppressing our feelings, or wishing to stop time so we […]

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The Basics Of Soft Vision And Vision Improvement

Eyestrain cause bad eyesight

Our ancestors were well used all their senses, along with the sense of vision. They looked into the distance, and could notice even the slightest movement with their peripheral vision. Their eyes were constantly shifted the details from one to the other, from near to far objects. Unfortunately, our present reality is not even close […]