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Understanding The Eye/Brain Connection

Eye Brain Connection

The most important organ of sight is the brain.

Our eyes and brain are even made from the same type of tissue. Our sensitive eyes react even to the least possible chemical changes in the brain, including those that arise because of certain emotional or mental condition.

Theories that as a cause of vision problems take the structure of the eye, do not have much evidence in fact, because they do not talk about the deep connections between our mind and body that cause these structural changes.

Brain is the center of mind and there is a strong relation with the eye, as I will describe in this article.

Conventional ophthalmology considers that function depends on the structure; because of that, the so-called specialists or optometrists usually treat vision problems with instruments or operations that change the structure of the eye.

However, the reality is that the eyesight is formed in our mind.

Your thoughts determine how you will operate the eyes, and the way in which they operate is changing their structure. If you learn how to change your mindset, you can also change the structure of your eye(s).

Brain control over eye is so big that even gives the sense of the picture that the same eye could not “see” it. For example, physics tells us that although we normally see objects that we observe, they are turned upside down on our lens and retina. The eyes do not possess the function to turn the picture into what we see as normal.
The brain is the one who needs to process the visual information, to create order in the world.

How we see - Eye-brain connection

Eye-brain connection experiment with pilots

A group of pilots was given special glasses that made everyone around them saw upside down. After a few days, their brains corrected the vision, and were able again to see normally, even through those glasses. Two weeks later, they stopped wearing the glasses, and then without those specs, they saw everything around them upside down. Some of the pilots have actually lived through a nervous breakdown. However, over time, everyone came back to normal vision without using glasses.

Western medicine does not treat this vast association of vision and mental state. Treatment of symptoms by surgery, eyeglasses, and contact lenses can only temporarily help people see better, but shortly afterwards comes to a weakening of eyesight. In addition, such forms of treatment are held by favoring the myth, that bad vision cannot be corrected, which move you away from self-healing and improving your eyesight on a natural way. And optometrists know that fact really well, that is how they make their money, from people who never made deep research in this field. Self-healing methods like eye training and relaxation not only helped thousands of people around the world, but it is much better than conventional treatment when talking about the vision and the improvement of our own health.

Be sure to make more research on the web about the eye/brain connection before going on with the methods of natural eyesight improvement. Stay tuned to Eyesight Corner.

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