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The Mind/Body Connection And How It Affects Your Eyesight

The Mind Body Connection

British writer Aldous Huxley was a successful student and a great admirer of Dr. Bates method.

Having exercised Bates exercises to cure his partial blindness, Huxley wrote the book The Art of Seeing.

In this book, he writes that viewing process consists of three elements, which include eyes, brain, and mind, i.e. there is strong mind/body connection.

He said that seeing consists of the following things:

  • Perception – the light-sensitive cells receive information about the outer world through the rays of light – about one billion bits of visual data per second.
  • Selection – the mind cannot deal with all the visual information coming to the eye, and therefore directs his eyes only to a certain number of data.
  • Understanding – where selected visual information is registered and interpreted in the brain.

The Mind Body Connection

Improving vision requires understanding the complex interactions between the eye and the mind. A person with bad vision must learn how to direct the mind to work in his favor, not against him. Moreover, one of the biggest barriers one has to overcome is the belief that the vision can never be corrected. Such a conviction can lead to the worst scenarios:

  • When he don’t recognize or acknowledge the improvement of his vision when it really happens.
  • He is convinced that in certain situations, he is not able to see well, and that’s why don’t even try for more.

Sometimes, our vision can deteriorate as we expect it to be in situations where we feel that something will bring eyestrain. In this regard, Dr. Bates has made an experiment with two patients: one with excellent vision and the other with poor one. They should have just looking at the wall.

Dr William Bates with its retinoscopeDuring the experiment, Dr. Bates with its retinoscope observed changes on the surface of patients’ eyes. As long as they were looking at the wall, there was no change in their eyes. However, when Dr. Bates placed optometry chart or eye chart on the wall, patient’s eye with poor vision have changed completely, and he noticed twitching of the eyelid.
The other patient, the one with good vision has experienced only small changes in the eyes, barely noticeable.
The first patient was immediately applied the unconscious habit of stress to see the letters on the eye chart.
To improve your eyesight naturally, you need to change your way of thinking about seeing, as the same way of seeing. This is partly a difficult task. Visual habits are sometimes difficult to alter; we are more attached to our accustomed way of viewing almost anything else. The reason probably is that our memory is primarily composed of visual information. Once we see something in a certain way, we just remember such, and still remember it as such by its recollection. We depend on our vision too much, especially those that have good vision.
When these people lose their good eyesight, they experience real trauma and change their whole outlook on life. In reality, these people have a great potential to regain their good vision, because their memory is composed of crisp, clear visual information.

Mind/body connection in the process of improving eyesight

Everything we have ever seen in life clearly can be used as an incentive to improve vision. Memory and imagination are the most valuable resources for improving vision that possesses the mind. And the organ that serves as the center of the mind is the brain. On them, you will find many exercises that are discussed here, on Eyesight Corner.
We all know that it is easier to clearly see things that are familiar to us. For example, an unknown word, which consists of letters known to us, we will initially read harder than a familiar word.
Thus, we can use visualization exercises to take advantage of the aspiration of our mind to connect a clear vision with what we already know. We also use visualization or imagination to create conditions that suit us. For example, when we imagine complete darkness, optic nerve reacts as if really see such darkness, and thus stops working and resting. Like any other powerful forces of nature, and the mind can help or hinder. The mind can convince us that the vision can never be improved or it can provide us with everything we need for its improvement.

I’m glad that you read and understand this article about mind/body connection. It’s the first step on the road to improve your vision. Stay tunned.

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