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Relaxation Techniques And Facial Massage Before Eye Exercises

Facial massage before eye exercises

It is impossible to relax a certain part of the body, for example your eyes, while other parts are strained.
Therefore, it is very important before you start with some program for vision improvement, to complete some basic relaxation exercises.

During all of the exercises described in Vision Without Glasses, you need to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. It helps for mental and physical relaxation, but also enriches your blood with oxygen, which is required for the function of your eyes.

Relax you body before everything

First, interlock your fingers; thumbs are pointing towards you. Then, start to cycle the hands, stretching them as most as you can, but without straining. Do a few laps in a clockwise direction and then a few in the opposite direction.

Body relaxation technique before eye exercises

Then stand up and put your hands against the wall so that your elbows are normal. From this position, move your chests forwards and backwards 10-15 times. The elbows should remain straight. Work so that your breasts dictate the movement, and not the stomach, shoulders, or neck. During this relaxation movement, your breasts will be found in three different positions: convex, neutral, and concave.

Hold in each position, smoothly moving the head from one side to another.

Then move away from wall and again interlock your fingers. The difference now is that you put your thumbs forwards. Repeat the exercise of circling that you have done moments before.


Massage should be a part of your daily eye care routine. It is especially beneficial during the middle phase exercises with eyes, and helps in achieving much better results.

Massage creates a sense of ease when seeing and increases blood flow to the eyes. Although these instructions are for self-massage, a professional massage therapy is even better. If you have a masseur, tell him about these instructions.

Do as many of the following relaxation techniques before you start with exercises for the eyes. When you work on your eyesight, you need a high level of awareness and concentration. It is imperative if you start with the treatment when you and your body are in good condition.

Basic Instructions
– Take off your glasses and contact lenses.
– During the massage, breathe slowly and deeply through your nose.
– Use both hands.
– First, rub your hands to warm up your fingers.
– Allow your wrists to stay loose.
– Touch should be gentle, but think that fingers reach deep.
Don’t forget to read again our article about basic rules before you start with eye exercises.

Facial massage

It would be ideal if you massage your face for at least 30 minutes in order to increases circulation around your eyes.

Rub your hands to warm up and gently massage face with your fingers. Later, you need to put a little more pressure on the face, so that muscles are warming up. During facial massage, the pressure should be normal so you don’t any feel pain.

Spend at least a few minutes for each part of the face, noticing the feeling and the effect it achieves. You can experience greater tension or pain, a superficial tightness, a pleasant sense of relief or numbness (which also belongs to the feeling).

Start from the jaw. Massage everything, from the chin through the jawbone, to the area around and behind the ears. Here you can open and close your mouth to relax strong jaw muscles. This can make you yawn and it’s very relaxing for your face. Massage the left and right side of your face with each hand.

Then, massage the region of the nasal bone, over the cheekbones to the temples (latin tempula). Do this over the cheekbones, all from nose to ears. Feel how your muscles relax under the fingers. Find the sore points and massage them in a circular motion with your fingertips and intense pressure.

Then massage from the nasal bone to the eyebrows, above and below. As you do that, very gently stretch the skin and muscles underneath. Next time you’ll be doing face massage, gradually increase the number of these stretches. Then go with the part above your eyebrow for at least 20 times. Do not massage the region below supraorbital ridge (the ridge of bone above each eye).

Facial massage before eye exercises

Painful points around the eyebrows are often present when there is eyestrain with myopia, glaucoma, or problems with the retina. They can also appear above your nose when one eye has a dominant role. Massage it in circular motions with your fingertips.

Also, massage the region between your eyebrows, because it becomes very toned due to the act of observation. Then massage your forehead with broad movements, as well as the temple with small circular movements but very slightly (do not press too much).

Continue with the massage lightly from the temples up to your scalp, while imagining that you are drawing tension away from your eyes.

Finally, massage your entire scalp using large circular motion with the surface of your hands, and then start with fingertips. Press the folds of the skin on your scalp, starting from places that are more relaxed onwards. You can add more pressure in this area. Do this for several minutes and you’re done.

Repeat these relaxation techniques and massage your face every time you work with eye exercises. The end result will be much bigger than you expect.

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