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Sunglasses Trends and Street Fashion for Summer 2016

Cat-eye aviator sunglasses girls

There was a big happening this week in Split. It’s a city on the sea in Croatia that hosted the Ultra Europe Music Festival with the music sounds of world’s most popular DJ’s.

Young men and women were part of the festival and came from different parts of the world for this event, while we took great shots of street fashion.

They combine current trends with classic pieces and looked really great.

The white sneakers, flower crowns, fashion accessories, eclectic and comfortable combinations, and stylish sunglasses were an inspiration for us and hopefully for you.

Here are some cool shots from the people at the festival that will move to Hvar, also Croatia where we expect an even better atmosphere and styling.


Two friends with sunglasses
Round black sunglasses girl
Rectangular sunglasses black
RB3016 Sunglasses - boy
Party boys with sunglasses
Girl with round black sunglasses
Girl with metal sunglasses
Girl with cool sunglasses
Girls with green sunglasses
Cool boy with rectangular sunglasses
Cat-eye aviator sunglasses girls
Boy with so cool sunglasses
Boy with rectangular eyeglasses
Blue round sunglasses
Black aviator sunglasses
Aviator sunglasses party girl
Round sunglasses with double bridge
Boys with round glasses
Ray-Ban RB3016

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