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About William Bates And The Basics Of Bates Method

William H. Bates Treating a Patient

Perhaps you have heard or read somewhere about the Bates method: A series of relaxation exercise or better said vision therapy program that trains the eye and mind to see better.

Well, its creator was Dr. William H. Bates.

He was born in 1860, and graduated at the College of physicians and surgeons at Cornell University in its 35th year.

Three years later, he was an intern at Columbia Hospital in New York, and worked as a doctor for ear, nose, throat, and eyes (a profession at that time).

Dr. Bates worked as an assistant, but was fired after repeatedly encouraged his fellow doctors to leave the glasses.

The main ophthalmologist at the hospital said the opposite: they have to wear them. That is the reason for his dismissal.

Dr. Bates has used an instrument called retinoscope. It is able to observe the minimum changes on the surface of the eye and thus to determine the nature of the vision problem at his patients.

William H. Bates Treating a Patient
Dr. Bates was observing the eyes of hundreds of patients with various emotional and physical states. Then he noticed that patients’ eyes look different when they are doing something they love, and something they do not like:

  • When they are tired, anxious, or confused
  • When they are concentrated, excited, motivated and relaxed.

One of the great discoveries of Dr. Bates is that the clarity of vision at one person changes. From good to bad, and vice versa depending on its physical and emotional state. He concluded that the vision is not unchangeable category, but rather it is constantly changing. Probably you have noticed from personal experience that your vision in some situations is better than others.
Dr. Bates was the first ever ophthalmologist who has made a scientific study of this phenomenon.
His research indicates how bad vision occurs, and how it may deteriorate under everyday stress.
In his studies, it is also shown that these problems can be solved by thoughtful and proper vision care.
Dr Bates who died in 1931, have spent his life in study and development of methods that would eliminate the unnecessary suffering of people w ho have bad vision. He remained best known for the compassion and care for his patients. Once he saw a little kid with glasses, and said:

Angels in heaven weep every time a child is prescribed glasses

Exercises from the book Vision Without Glasses, which I reviewed here on this blog, are based on Bates method, with certain additions form well known natural health pioneers like Meir Schneider. These methods have proven to be effective in correcting all refractive vision problems (any problem related to the path of light into the eye), strabismus, poor vision, and similar problems. These methods can eliminate at least 50% of above-mentioned diseases at worst case, but if you give 100%, may completely remove your problem and throw your glasses or lenses away. It is up to you.

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