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How Emotions Affect Your Vision?

How emotions affect vision

Vision has many connections with the individuals’ emotional state.

Almost every person with bad vision has relation with strong emotions, and sometimes very strong emotional states.

In the very beginning of this article, I will say that the vision is always temporary worsening after strong negative emotions.

This is also true for people with good eyesight. If emotional stress lasts longer, the damage inflicted to the eyes may remain permanent.

How emotions affect vision
Deterioration of vision often occurs due to lack of will to carefully perceive things around us. Our eyes then lose the ability to “shift” view from one detail to another, which results in frozen look that make our eyes terribly strained. And we, in turn, when we are under some emotional stress, the last thing we want to do is looking at all the details of the situation in which we find ourselves. At those moments, it is less painful to “hide” the reality we are living through. Our vision becomes vague in order to protect us in an emotional sense. Unfortunately, our typical response to this situation is straining the eyes to behave as in ordinary situations. We take to wear glasses or a stronger medicine.

If you stretch your back because you tried to lift up some heavy thing, you will not certainly just take the back belt and continue to do the same. Yet, this is exactly what you probably do with your eyes. For the health of your eyes in long run, it is better to allow having poorer vision during a short period. That period is used for rest and feeding of your eyes, body, and mind. Perhaps in the modern world of fast paced life this seems difficult to achieve – but if you ignore the warnings telling you about a problem with your physical and emotional state, you risk damaging the ability of proper functioning of your body forever. If you nourished your eyesight during that crisis period, it will regain its original capacity when all the things in your life go better.

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